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Linear transfer lines - Tehnica de Automatizare


Linear transfer lines with specially developed flexible assembly cells

The vast experience acquired in over 20 years in the design, development and production of assembly and testing systems for various tasks are embodied in the TAS projects.
The best flexibility and reliability of the planned system is our approach and the absolute satisfaction of our customers is our purpose.
Our development principles are:
Providing individual solutions
Outstanding service
Using the latest 3D-CAD technologies
Close collaboration with the customer

During expanding globalization periods, it is a matter of survival for each company to launch new products on the market before their competitors. TAS will help you reduce the execution time of your products.
We offer a new customized concept for each requirement in accordance with the 3D design and drawings and also the lists of parts. During the project, periodic meetings will be held with our customers, as part of the reliability management, to ensure that all relevant aspects are taken into account as soon as possible, starting from the development phase.
Our main goal is to model your idea in a conscious and efficient way and, if necessary, even with unconventional approaches to solutions.



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