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Programming - Tehnica de Automatizare

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The Automation Plant

We have both the production Know-how and the creative potential to carry out your goals. This also includes the internal scheduling of the controllers by TAS. The possibilities to view the sequences on our automatic assembly systems vary from simple text display to full graphic portrayal – including managing forms and analyzing all the relevant production data.
We use Siemens and Beckhoff controls as standard, whose practical capabilities are proved and tested.
Due to monitoring all the relevant assembly stages in the main computer, appropriate testing programs can be implemented to ensure the compliance with all customer specifications. The classifications, as well as precise layout of the individual batches through the main computer are feasible on the Autec assembly systems.

An additional characteristic is the electronic planning with WSCAD or EPLAN, which are among the most popular CAE systems. Of course, we also ensure the availability of the control cabinets that are necessary for the complete integration of the controller in your TAS assembly system.
Do you want to prevent maintenance at high costs and reduce the response times for error messages? Each of our systems is equipped for remote maintenance (VPN or modem), which allows remote operation through the user interface and the programming environment. The key word is remote diagnosis which allows access to the complete system controller. We can even control the camera system through remote diagnostics to quickly detect and solve the mechanical errors.



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