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TAS Services

The center of gravity of the TAS company is

The Automation Plant

The main functions of the „automation plant” are: Design and conception, Creation, Parts processing, Electrical and mechanical assembly, Programming, Equipment commissioning and transport, Service and maintenance, Customized solutions.

“Lean Production” assembly and testing cells (manual and automatic)

Quick assembly linear systems with the integration of cells specifically developed for flexible assembly cells (LS280)

Transfer lines with integrated flexible assembly cells

Linear systems with cams pneumatically operated

Robot-assisted systems

Rotary tables with cam controlled indexing (pick-O-MAT)

Rotary tables

Our clients


We help companies all around the world with our expertise.


approx. 80%

There is almost no other industry in which complex production sequences are so interconnected as in the manufacture of cars and vehicle components. At T.A.S, we understand the specific requirements resulting from it in terms of product precision, quality and reliability.
Our range of products for manufacturing vehicle components covers the manual assembly individual stations up to the complete interconnected assembly systems, which ensure an efficient production and enable unit costs optimization.
The assembly systems from T.A.S. are currently used in production in Europe, Germany, Macedonia and Tunisia for top car suppliers and manufacturers.


approx. 20%

Whether it is about miniature connectors for data cables or high voltage resistant components, cables/ plugs or pre-assembled casings, the quality of each component is decisive for the function and reliability in a complete car. This is a great responsibility and the T.A.S. assembly systems meet these high expectations. Renowned manufacturers of electronic and electro-mechanical components work with our systems and have been regular customers for many years.
The assembly concepts designed by T.A.S. range from pneumatic rotary systems with 45 cycles per minute to cam controlled assembly systems with 300 cycles per minute. You will not find solutions at T.A.S., but we always seek to find an optimal assembly concept, tailored to your individual requirements.



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