Dedicated Service

Our all-inclusive service includes the commissioning of your TAS system – at any European production site. If required, we can train your staff in operation and maintenance. And as an after-sales package, we also offer graduated maintenance contracts for your TAS system.

In future, your staff will be able to receive live instructions from our service technicians on an AR-capable device via Augmented Support – for example for installation, maintenance or troubleshooting. This reduces downtimes to a minimum and saves service costs. Any access by our service staff to your TAS system is via VPN – and entirely under your control.

Retrofit: Upgrade proven production lines in a contemporary way

Sometimes the advantages of modernizing existing production facilities to extend their useful life outweigh the disadvantages. By updating both hardware and software, not only the efficiency of an older production line can be increased, but also the achieved product quality.

Retrofitting or upgrading existing equipment optimizes output and reliability. At the same time, embedding in a modern IT environment creates new possibilities in terms of software control, production data acquisition and analysis.

Such retrofit measures are also part of TAS’s holistic assembly concept: After analyzing your existing automation systems and controllers, your processes and objectives, we will be pleased to provide you with a tailor-made offer.

TAS across Europe